Chandigarh traffic police, promoting road safety, traffic safety, India road signs & rules, safe responsible driving, first aid India.
The Establishment
Physical & mental alertness, Seating position, Clear view, Blind spots, Seat belt, Night driving.
Know your vehicle
Maintaining vehicle, Daily or weekly checks, Winter maintenance, Tyres
Basics of insurance, Comprehensive insurance, Third party insurance
Driving along
Steer smoothly, Keep left
Know your vehicle
Driving through intersections, Controlled intersection, Uncontolled intersection , Round-abouts
Use indicators/signals
Hand signals by drivers
Basics of insurance, Comprehensive insurance, Third party insurance
Obey speed limits
Maximum Speed Limits as prescribed by the Central Government & U.T. Chandigarh Administration.
Obey police
Hand signals by Traffic Police constables while directing traffic
Safe distance
Safe stopping distance
Stopping for school buses, Pedestrian crossings
Sharing the road
Other and heavy vehicles
Right of Way rules
Round-abouts, Controlled intersections, Uncontrolled intersections, T-crossings, Modified T-crossings, Pedestrians, Parking, Dividers, Narrow roads, Cycle track, Emergency vehicles
Other driving maneuvers
Lane change
Changing lane, Overtaking, Overtaking at night, Overtaking from left
Changing directions
Right turn, Left turn, Reversing, U-turn
Joining/leaving highway
Highway driving, Entering highway, Leaving highway
Basics of parking, Parallel parking, Angular parking, Perpendicular parking
Dealing with particular situation
Workers on road, Animals on road, Mobile phone, Other distractions, Emergency vehicles
Night & bad weather
Driving at night, Glare, Fog, Rain,
Emergency situation
Brake failure, Accelerator pedal sticks, Headlights go out, Tire blows
Fighting pollution
Protecting environment, Before starting off, While driving, At garage
Traffic Signs & Markings
Mandatory/Regulatory Signs
Physical & mental alertness, Seating position, Clear view, Blind spots, Seat belt, Night driving.
Stop & give way
Prohibitory signs
No parking & No stopping signs
Speed limit & Vehicle control
Restriction Ends
Compulsory & direction control signs
Cautionary Signs
Information Signs
Direction & place identification signs
Facility Information Signs
Other Information Signs
Parking Signs
Traffic Lights
Road Markings
Hand Signals
Test Yourself
Rules & Regulations
Display of state emblem of India, School bus, Seat belt, Emergency vehicles, Beacon light, Use of horns, Smoking and driving, Wrong parking, Helmets, Speed limit, Sun film, Mobile phone, Drunken driving, Rickshaw
Safety Devices
Bicycle helmet, Air bags, Child seat
Instructions for Challaning Officers
Challan Form
Towing charges
Impact of enforcement
Community Participation
Traffic marshal scheme
Know your traffic marshals
Be a traffic marshal
City based NGO's
Pre-paid fare services
Know your driving history record
Accident & First Aid
Helping accident victims
First aid steps
Understanding road accident data
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