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Safe and Responsible Driving
Use indicators/signals

Indicators inform other drivers what you want to do so they can make adjustments accordingly.

Use your indicators, brake lights or hand and arm signals to signal before turning, changing lanes, slowing down, leaving the road or coming out of a parking area. Give the correct indication well before your maneuver and ensure other drivers can see it.

Check that the way is clear before you act — giving indication does not mean the road is clear.

Driving through intersections/crossings
Slow down as you get close to intersections and look carefully for traffic, signs (yield sign, stop sign, traffic light, constable manning the crossing), cyclists and pedestrians.

There are two main types of intersections

Controlled intersections

Uncontrolled intersections

Controlled intersections
Controlled intersections have traffic lights, round-about, yield signs or stop signs to control traffic.

If you get green light, drive carefully through the intersection at a steady speed. If the light has been green for quite some time, you should get prepared to stop if the light turns yellow. If you have crossed the stop line when the light gets yellow, drive through the intersection with caution. When your light turns red, bring your vehicle to a complete stop.

Slow down or stop at yield sign and wait for the way to get clear before you drive through the intersection.

Bring the vehicle to a complete stop if you face a stop sign. Drive through the intersection only when the way is clear.

Uncontrolled intersections
Uncontrolled intersections have no signs or traffic lights. They are usually found in areas where there is less traffic. Be cautious while going through intersections.

Uncontrolled Intersections


On entering a roundabout: Before entering a roundabout, you must indicate a left or right-hand turn for at least five seconds if you intend making a turn from the roundabout.

On leaving a roundabout: When leaving a roundabout, whether you are turning left, right or going straight ahead, you must always indicate when you are about to exit.

Round About