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Arrive Safe

- Traffic education material (website, CD, banners, roll ups, displays, pamphlets, lecture aids, educational aids, media presentation) for Chandigarh traffic police.
- Software for first aid education in spreading awareness of how first aid can help minimise injuries and deaths.
- Analysis of internation information resources & making the India specific information available.
- To work with schools, employers and other organizations to promote road-safety education to drivers, school children and pedestrians.
- Campaigns for promotion of use of reflectors and
wearing reflective clothes amongst cyclists, richshaws and pedestrians.
- Encouraging new initiatives in the area of traffic
safety like promoting helmets for cyclists.

Contact: Harman Singh Sidhu

Traffic Awareness Organisation

Traffic Awareness Organization is an autonomous body based in Chandigarh, India that aims to effectively monitor, enforce and work towards the advancement of Traffic Awareness and Road safety in the City beautiful.

It entails to work primarily and exclusively for the betterment and development of Traffic Awareness and Road safety and welfare of general public. The objectives of this organization is to promote, develop, encourage and participate directly or indirectly in the activities relating to traffic awareness and road safety through training, presentations, seminars; organizing activities with international, national and regional bodies.

The organization's founder President is Mr. Amar Manchanda and the team currently is presided by Wg.Cdr. J.S. Khokhar.,

'Aavahan', a Chandigarh based NGO considers life to be the most precious and wonderful gift of God to the humanity and without this life, all pelf & power, position & prosperity are meaningless. Therefore, it becomes our prime concern that its safety should be ensured especially on the roads that each one of us has to travel to reach his goals.

Roads, rules and responsible users when in tune can reduce the number of accidents and save the loss of previous human lives. With this conviction, the SPIRIT INDIA Volunteers of 'Aavahan' who are the students of GGDSD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh, have taken up this significant issue as a part of their agenda. They have been sensitizing the people specially the youth regarding the necessity of observing road safety norms consecutively for the last three years by holding workshops, competitions and staging skits and street plays. To motivate the girls to wear helmets and boys to stay away from stunts, last year a street play ' Jeevan Hai Anmol' was repeatedly performed by the Volunteers in the college, at the Students Centre in the Panjab University and in the Rose Garden during the Rose Festival. 'Aavahan' is determined to make a difference!
Anti Crime Anti Corruption Cell
This city base Ngo is working with a motto "TO SERVE THE NATION". To achieve this we started an awareness campaign in traffic and offered our full cooperation to the Chandigarh Traffic Police. We have been doing this since August 2010. This NGO's main aim is to make people aware of their duties and rights so that they can maintain law & order in the city beautiful and in our country Bharat at large. This cell has two Traffic Marshals Mr. Sunil Bhardwaj and Mr. Varinder Gautam, who helps Police time to time.